Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a weekend.

This has been an action packed weekend. Lots of "playing" radio and the FLEX-3000 was a great toy to "play" with. I am VERY impressed with it. The receiver is HOT. It approaches the FLEX-5000 and K3 in performance and for $1600, there are no radios in that price class that even come remotely close to matching performance and features of the FLEX-3000. The receiver is very quiet. Better than the SDR-1000 and like the FLEX-5000 it is noise and DDS spur free. I found the frequency stability to be very good for the digital modes I was working. The TX audio is fantastic. I participated in the FlexNet today on 20m and I swear that Dudley, who has the other FLEX-3000 was on his FLEX-5000. It is that good.

The FLEX-3000 is a value that can't be beat. It has the receiver performance numbers of an Orion II which costs over $4900 fully loaded and comparable to the FLEX-3000! It beats a Icom 756 Pro III hands down and that radio costs $1100 more than the FLEX-3000. In addition, the great thing about the FLEX-3000 is that with the frequent software upgrades it just keeps getting better where all of these other "firmware defined radios" have significant limitations in there capabilities and the DSP is not upgradable, like it is with a software defined radio.

FlexRadio broke the price/performance paradigm again that all other radio manufactures adhere to so strongly. In their price structure, the more money you pay, the higher performance class of radio you get. To get one with IMD DR3 numbers in the +90 dB range, you empty your wallet to live in that rarefied air. It looks like FlexRadio puts performance first and only charges the premium price for a radio that has the greatest flexibility in I/O capability and modularity, something that not all hams want or need. What a concept!

You do not need a calculator to work the numbers. It is not even close. This radio is a winner by a long shot.

I need to get ready for the upcoming workweek. I will be operating the FLEX-3000 during the evenings and I will keep on reporting on Junior’s adventures. Good night.

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