Thursday, March 19, 2009

It Arrived!!!

With much fanfare, the FLEX-3000 arrived today at 1:55 PM. I knew it was hear because my Shetland Sheepdogs tried to break down the door and bark him to death. But, Mr. UPS was unfazed by the EWAS (early warning alert system) and brought Junior home anyway. Below is Easu (1/2 of the EWAS) checking out the new arrival. It has to pass the "sniff" test.

I opened the box and gently lifted Junior out, removed the packing restraints and removed him from his clear plastic jacket. What a hansom fella he is. He is serial number B1009-0003

So, what is the first thing I did other than take some arrival pictures? Well, I didn't grow up with a screwdriver in my hand for nothing. I took him apart and looked inside.

A very nice piece of work, Ken and Gerald. My hats off to you both.

Cover removal was simple; three screws in the back, 8 screws on the bottom and you have to take the retaining nuts off of the Key and Phones 1/4" TRS connectors on the front and the cover slides off easily. Reassembly is just as easy too.

Now off to put it into it's operating position....


  1. I am anxiously awaiting further commentary as I am expecting one of junior's kin in April!


    de Jim - K4ECP

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  3. Ditto - also, please post 3K OOB images! Thanks.

    73s - N7BCP