Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today is the day!

12:05 PM

Mr. UPS says Junior is "in route". SWEET.

Time has come to prepare the temporary living arrangements for Junior. For the initial testing, I think I am going to pull the FLEX-5000 (aka “the Big Guy”) out of its operating position and take the opportunity to send it to the Mothership in Austin and let Ed work his magic on it in order to get the Powered Speaker Out jack repaired. In a moment of stupidity, I stressed the connector several weeks back and just could not stand to be without a FlexRadio SDR for a week or two. Junior (F3K) will be a more than adequate substitute in the Big Guy’s absence.

By taking the FLEX-5000 out, dropping in the FLEX-3000 in the same operating position, that will make getting on the air much faster. I had to make a little bit of room on the shelf because it is wider than the FLEX-5000, but that was an easy mod.

I will need to re-think the shack configuration for Junior’s semi-permanent operating position since he will be the portable SDR, unhooking him from the Matrix so he can take a walk on the wild side will be the primary design criteria. I have plenty of time to think this through before making a finial decision.

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